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Dan Croll

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There are only three words to describe the lovely Liverpudlian Dan Croll: cool, clean and fresh. It only takes one listen of ‘From Nowhere’ to confirm this view. Dan’s style is effortlessly capturing. He combines electro, pop, indie and soul, which on paper sounds like an over-done and unoriginal package. Yet, originality is one feature of Dan’s work that really stands out. From the gospel/folk feel of the cozy track ‘Home’, to the bass rich ‘From Nowhere’, each of his songs has a unique twist.

Dan Croll

His musical entourage is full of musical, lyrical and melodic hooks that will keep you refreshing the Soundcloud page in the hope of a new song appearing. It never does. In fact, the only criticism I have of Dan Croll, that there isn’t enough of his music. Dan is by far and away my favourite artist at the moment, I am expecting big things from him in 2013.

Get hooked, listen to his single, ‘From Nowhere’.

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